It seems like my sistars and friends are getting boyfriends but me. They keep telling me that it’s not the right time, I’m 18 and I still don’t have a boyfriend.

Honestly I’m not desperate, I’m patient but I’ve been praying to God that I want to experience having a boyfriend before I reach my 20’s. I’d like to know the feeling of being in love even though I am scared.

I’m curious as to when /the right time/ will be though. I feel like it’s eternity.


My friends and I made a reaction video to xxxxxx.

We got terrible responses for it and we felt really sad and attacked. I never expected xxxxx were that mean! xxxxx is my bias group btw.

Honestly, we don’t know if we’re still going to make more videos. We kinda lost our enthusiasm.

At first, we did this to have fun and make memories together but I don’t know now.

We did a reaction video to xxxxxx last week and that was well received so we didn’t really expect this for xxxxx. :(

Just had to get this out of my chest.


So three days ago, my mom told me that my dad bumped into my ex and his mother. His mother asked if ex and his sister could live in our house for college. I was really taken a back and was left speechless

My mom asked if it was okay with me, I said “Why are you asking me? I don’t pay the rent and it’s your decision.” My mom then said it might not be okay with me.

I thought of the disadvantages of them living with us like since we only have 1 bathroom, I’d have to wake up really early to use the bathroom. (I usually wake up at 6.30am) I also just wear a towel around my body when taking a bath so I guess I’ll have to dress in the bathroom.
My brother and I always fight about chores, so I guess with them around, we’d have to do the chores automatically (which in turn would make our parents happy lol.)
I also like to have K-Pop Parties on my own in the living room and it would be really awkward.

I told my sistars about it and I joked about how my life is going to be like the Korean drama, Playful Kiss LOL. They kept teasing me on what kind of situation could arise and they have such wild imagination like him coming up from behind while I do the dishes, I said I’ll lock the kitchen door hahaha

But yes this morning, my parents confirmed that they will indeed live with us. So wish me luck. Omg. I don’t know what to do!!


Kala ko ba ayaw mo sakanila? Like you refuse to make them your favourite girl group pero ngayon puro praise ka sakanila? Girl pls.


This is a very empowering video. I kinda cried. I wish I could feel better about myself too and that others would do the same. I am nowhere thin, I feel like people talk about my body in a negative way and it hurts so much. I’m trying to lose weight really.

I will also try to gain more confidence about myself in the future.


Who cares if she texted you? Keep it to yourself, do you need to indirectly say it to me on Twitter? Bitch please. I don’t have time for this drama right now.